High Security Locks And Key Control

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When you need more security & peace of mind for your business security management, it is time to move beyond the standard mechanical key. We offer high security & restricted key control cylinders and keys that will allow you to control and prevent unauthorized key duplication, as well as provide protection against picking and drilling attacks. We offer solutions from Marks Hi-Security, MUL-T-LOCC, And GMS Restricted Key Control. 

If you are looking to secure your facility with RFID Proximity Access cards or FOBS, we have systems available to provide you with capabilities such as automatic door scheduling, employee access time restrictions, access event logs and remote door release. We offer the latest network capable solutions from CDVI Atrium and Paxton Access with web browser and cloud based management, as well as stand alone solutions, controlled by your Smart Phone or Tablet.

Need a better way to manage visitors or keep an eye on your facility after hours? Call us today 972-422-6300 to find out more about Video Intercom & IP Security Camera solutions, complete with remote monitoring capability.

  • Prevents Unauthorized Key Duplication
  • Resists Picking, Drilling and Bumping
  • Patented Key Control
  • Restricted Key-way
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Hardened Steel Side Bars
  • Standard Key Machine
  • UL 437 Optional

High Security Locks And Key Control

Trying to determine whether high security door locks are right for your home or business? Our high security locksmiths have 3 important questions for you:

1) Will you be handing out the keys for your locks?
2) Do you care if the people who get the keys get them duplicated without your permission?
3) Would you like to know who goes through your doors and when?

Hinsco Safe And Lock Locksmiths will help you to find a security solution that helps you to control and monitor access to your property for maximum peace of mind.

High Security lock cylinders use keys that are controlled and can only be copied with your expressed, written permission. Limiting of key duplication is one element offered with UL - 437 cylinders.

Standard locks just can't offer the assurance and peace of mind that quality high security locks provide. If you want assurance that you are the only person who has keys to your locks, you must use a higher level of security lock cylinder than is offered as standard.

Hinsco Safe And Lock Locksmiths High Security Lock And Key Control Specialists will listen to your description of your unique needs and find a smart solution for DFW Higher Security needs. Call us first in Dallas County, Collin County Or Denton County. 

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